Stock Market Crash Is Coming in

When most of us think of commodity inflation we think of the price of gasoline. What we need to think about is the cost of raw materials across all segments of the economy. Food prices Forex are up in part because fertilizer expenses have exploded, but also because the cost of labor and shipping have increased. Same can be said for other industries, including housing.

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Stock Market at an Inflection Point

Investors generally are not expecting good news from the perspective of corporate earnings. “It’s really just a question of how bad” they will be, he said.

working at stock markets review

As we started at the top of this post, March was a good month for the stock market. Looking at the S&P 500 Index, we had a powerful rally off the 4150 level, around 13% off the all-time highs achieved early this year. Everybody’s definition of retirement is going to be different, but that’s all going to cost different amounts of money, and it helps to have a good grasp on what you want to do to make that a reality. At the end of the day however, Kurinec stresses the importance of having a plan. “That doesn’t mean every single person needs to work with a financial planner, but you need to have some sort of plan in place and make sure that plan is solid,” he says. Like the Cowles, many Americans want to travel or do all the things they weren’t able to do because they were working.


Bond prices fluctuate inversely to changes in interest rates. Therefore, a general rise in interest rates can result in the decline of the bond’s price. Credit risk is the risk that the issuer will default on payments of interest and/or principal. If sold prior to maturity, fixed income securities are subject to market risk. All fixed income investments may be worth less than their original cost upon redemption or maturity. What we are not discounting is a break below the 4150 level, given the current global environment. Charts are great at providing a filtered view of the world where the only thing that matters is supply and demand.

  • What we need to think about is the cost of raw materials across all segments of the economy.
  • On the surface, the problems facing the market and the economy may seem the same.
  • There is no assurance that these movements or trends can or will be duplicated in the future.
  • Over half (59%) believe investor pressure to maintain “capital discipline” is the primary reason producers are restraining growth despite high oil prices.
  • We believe that how the market reacts in April will tell us where the stock market is headed for the intermediate term.

“We are still comfortable,” she adds but says that all of the “extras” like travel and special experiences the couple wanted to be able to do while feeling okay financially about it—now they can’t. While these dips are merely paper losses until investors make withdrawals, the psychological effects are already hitting recent and pre-retirees like the Cowles.

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